12 awesome Game of Thrones gifts that will satisfy any super fan

Oct 17, 2018

One of the best dramas to hit the small screen in decades is HBO’s Game of Thrones® (GOT), which is based on the fantasy novels by George R. R. Martin. The characters and the land of Westeros has captured the imagination and devotion of avid fans around the world who can’t get enough of the highly acclaimed series.

For fans of GOT throwing a themed birthday bash, GOT viewing party, or just looking for a novelty item to buy as a gift for oneself or another Game of Thrones® devotee, here are a dozen ideas that will make you feel like a part of The Seven Kingdoms.


4D Puzzle of Westeros

Do you know where the Eyrie is and how far it is from King’s Landing? Watching the amazing opening credits to the show, it is hard to tell where the kingdoms are in relation to each other.

For newcomers or hardcore fans, this multilayered puzzle is the perfect accompaniment to learn about the Westeros landscape.

This Game of Thrones® Puzzle of Westeros consists of three main dimensions: a jigsaw map, topography map, and 3D models.

The jigsaw map shows all the locations and regions of the land with the next layer a replicate of the terrain as seen on the cable show. Completing the 30-by-18-by-2-inch (approx. 76-by-45-by-5-centimeter) puzzle are the miniature 3D models of the famous landmarks, such as King’s Landing, Winterfell, and the Wall.

An information booklet about Westeros is included as well as 45 marker flags for landmarks, 5 battle markers, and 10 House sigils.

One important point to note is how similar the pieces on the base map layer can be. Past puzzle-doers have found themselves close to finishing only to discover that a piece was placed incorrectly before. Pay attention to the details carefully.

With more than 1,400 pieces, this puzzle map will keep an ardent Game of Thrones® fan busy for hours, and upon completing it, they’ll be a Westerosi expert.

Quotes Etched on Glassware

Since season 1 of the show, there have been a number of memorable quotes that fans love to say repetitively, such as the line spoken by wildling Ygritte, “You know nothing, Jon Snow,” or “Hodor,” the sole word Hodor ever said (with the meaning behind that word tragically and heartbreakingly revealed in season 6).

Now you can choose your favorite quote from the show and have it beautifully etched by Integrity Bottles on a drinking glass, flask or mug. The products by this California-based company are “sand carved by hand with state-of-the-art equipment.” Create your own set of glassware or customize one for a friend or family member.

There are many quotes to choose from, including “That’s what I do, I drink and I know things,” “Mother of Dragons,” “Moon of My Life,” “My Sun and Stars,” “Valar Morghulis,” “The North Remembers,” and “Bend the Knee.”

Longclaw Metal Sword

Are you preparing to battle the White Walkers? You’ll want the best weapon available to do so, and thanks to Valyrian Steel, makers of officially licensed replica weapons and armor from the hit series, you can own your very own Longclaw sword.

This spectacular replica has a 35-inch (approx. 89-centimeter) blade, with an overall length of 45 inches (approx. 114 centimeters).

The stainless steel blade is unsharpened but has a polish so pristine you’ll be afraid to get your fingerprints on it. The direwolf pommel is cast in metal with two red eye stones, and it comes with a certificate of authenticity.

A wall mount plaque with the Night’s Watch oath printed on is also included.

Please note that this replica is not suited for children to play with as the tip is pretty sharp.

Hang this on the wall to be the envy of all Game of Thrones® fans.

7” Iron Throne

Who wants to sit on the Iron Throne? We all do! Alas, it may not be possible to take the one from the Great Hall, but this 7-inch replica of the Iron Throne is the next best thing.

The model is made by Dark Horse, the same company that released the sold-out 14-inch Iron Throne replica.

The amount of detail featured in this miniature version is incredible with each sword remaining distinctive. Weighing a little more than 3 pounds (approx. 1 kilogram), this is the perfect display piece to add to one’s Game of Thrones® collection.

Iron Coin of the Faceless Man

Who can forget when Jaqen H’ghar taught Arya to say Valar morghulis and gave her an Iron Coin of the Faceless Man, basically marking the beginning of her destined path as an assassin? Now you can add this famous coin to your collection too.

There are many knockoffs on the market, but the one by Shire Post Mint is officially licensed and made of “pure metallurgical grade iron.”

The Iron Coin measures 27 millimeters (approx. 1 inch), is slightly bigger than a quarter, and “comes inserted on a full color collector card, protected by a plastic sleeve.”

This coin is one all GOT fans can appreciate. Valar dohaeris.

But if you’re looking for more Westeros and Essos coins, you’re in luck. Shire Post Mint also has a few other notable coin sets: Dead Man Set of 7 Collectible Coins, House Targaryen Set of 4 Coins, House Greyjoy Set of 4 Coins and Volantis Honors Set of 2 Coins.



House Stark, House Baratheon, House Lannister, and House Targaryen are represented in this set of disc ornaments by Kurt Adler. Each ornament is flat and measures 80 millimeters (approx. 3 inches).

One side is printed with the house words, and the other side is designed with a rustic house sigil look.

These ornaments will look great hanging on a Christmas tree or on a wall.

If you’re looking for a more substantial-sized ornament, the company also has a 4-inch (approx. 10-centimeter) Iron Throne one made out of resin.

With one ornament weighing about 8 ounces (approx. 227 grams), the recipient of this ornament will be surprisingly pleased by the quality and detail. If you don’t intend to use it as a Christmas tree ornament, keep it on your desk as an accessory. It has been purchased as a cake topper too—who knew?!

House Banners

With which House does your allegiance lie? Show your loyalty with these wall banners by Calhoun.

The one-sided banners are designed with the house sigil, name of the house, and GOT name on it. Each measure 30 by 50 inches (approx. 76.2 by 127 centimeters) and are the perfect accessory to declare which House you fight for.

There are banners for all the major Houses shown on the show, including—surprisingly—a House Baelish banner, which will make Littlefinger fans happy.

Calhoun also has a more ornate and elongated banner design you can choose from. These tournament banners are 19 by 60 inches (48.2 by 152.4 centimeters) and have the house sigil, house words, and name of the house printed on.

Both the wall and tournament banners are lightweight and designed for indoor use only. House Stark, House Targaryen, House Baratheon, House Tyrell, and more are waiting for you.

Dog Tags

Extend your love of Game of Thrones® to the beloved pet in your life with these House Stark or House Targaryen dog tags.

The front of the double-sided tag has a picture of the house sigil and the back can be personalized.

These tags may be too small for a direwolf, but you’ll find the perfect size for your dog. It comes in four different sizes ranging from diameter of 0.75 inches (approx. 1.9 centimeters) to 1.50 inches (approx. 3.8 centimeters).

“Ice” and “Longclaw” Letter Openers

No one can forget the first time Eddard Stark’s massive Ice sword was wielded to punish a Night’s Watch deserter in the first season. Thanks to the Noble Collection, you can own an Ice sword too.

Even though this one is not made of Valyrian steel and can’t cut a person’s head off, it is definitely sturdy enough to slay envelopes. The Ice letter opener is 9 inches (approx. 23 centimeters) long, and it’s made with a stainless steel blade and has a diecast metal handle.

The company also makes a Longclaw letter opener of the same size and material as Ice.

Both letter openers are good replicas and impressive enough to be mounted on a letter opener stand.

Dinner is Coming Apron


A fan of GOT and of cooking? Look no further than this Dinner is Coming” apron complete with print of a direwolf wearing a chef’s hat.

This functional apron also comes with a headphone loop to keep the headphone wires from dangling in front while you prep or cook a meal. And if you’re skinning a deer like Tywin Lannister, this will help protect your clothes.

Dragon Egg Bookends

Hand these dragon egg bookends to any GOT fan and you’ll knock their socks off.

From the moment Daenerys Targaryen was gifted the dragon eggs for her wedding, worldwide fans wished they had a set too. The replicas stand 7 inches tall on the base and weigh 9.9 pounds (4.5 kilograms). Whether kept together or separated out, either way the dragon eggs are splendid to look at.

With this triple bookend, you’ll be tempted to put it in fire to see if Drogon, Rhaegal, and Viserion hatch out.

A Song of Ice and Fire Series Set

Many fans of the Game of Thrones® show have yet to read the books. What better way is there to dive deep and learn more about the characters than to read the original works by George R. R. Martin?

The set of A Song of Ice and Fire includes the first five novels: A Game of Thrones®, A Clash of Kings, A Storm of Swords, A Feast for Crows, and A Dance with Dragons. It will surely keep readers captivated for hours.

The storyline of the books will not be the same as the show, but that is to be expected. The show is an adaptation of the novels after all.

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