2 ancient prophecies from France and China tell of a major persecution unfolding right now

Dec 4, 2018

There are two ancient prophecies from both East and West that point to the same present-day event that is unfolding right now.

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On July 20, 1999, the former Party Chief Jiang Zemin led the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to enforce his genocidal campaign to eradicate Falun Gong.

This Red Terror that blanketed China saw the Chinese police, army, secret agents, and diplomatic means used to arrest, beat, and imprison Falun Gong practitioners nationwide.

What is Falun Gong?

Falun Gong, also known as Falun Dafa, is a peaceful spiritual practice that consists of five meditative exercises.

The practice’s spiritual component is centered on the three principles of “Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance.”

Millions have been attracted by Falun Gong’s extraordinary healing efficacy, with numerous accounts from people who’ve reported significant health improvements.


Moreover, Falun Gong is a practice that has always been taught free of charge.

Scores of people recognized it as a genuine cultivation practice of mind and body, and Falun Gong soon became a household name. It is thus that the practice grew in rapid popularity, with people from all strata of society and in all parts of China practicing it in parks and at home.

By 1999, around 70 million to 100 million people were practicing Falun Gong in China alone.


Prophecies from both East and West
The French seer Nostradamus, who left 943 quatrains to posterity, still intrigues people today with his visions. While most of us have heard of the aforementioned Frenchman, his Chinese counterparts, Li Chunfeng and Yuan Tiangong, who collectively wrote the famous book of prophecy Tui Bei Tu, are less known in Western society.

Interestingly, Tui Bei Tu is a banned book in China today. What’s most interesting is that all these prophets, including Nostradamus and the authors of Tui Bei Tu, who lived 900 years apart and grew up in different parts of the world, predicted the same event, as indicated in the dates of their prophecies.

For Tui Bei Tu, each poem is accompanied by an image and an explanation poem, as seen below.

Tui Bei Tu’s 41st poem:
Heaven and earth enter into darkness, while grass and brush are rampant

The yin and yang run the opposite course; sun and Earth are upside down.

Explanation poem:
The cap is always worn, there is blood, no head.

When will the game of manipulating the universe stop?

In the year 1999, a big mistake is made.

Qin county is the only place suitable for claiming the throne.


For Nostradamus’s prediction on what is understood as the same major event—owing to the mention of the year 1999—Nostradamus makes it even clearer by stating the exact month—July of 1999.

This is quite abnormal for Nostradamus, for he doesn’t usually state dates in such clarity.

English translation of century X, quatrain 72:

In the year 1999, seventh month,

From the sky will come a great King of Terror,

In order to bring back to life the great king of Angolmois,

Before and after Mars reigns in the name of bringing people happiness.

French physician and astrologer Nostradamus (1503 – 1566) (Getty Images | Hulton Archive )

Many people may not understand the statement “Before and after Mars reigns.”

Nicholas Brand, author of “Marx, the Hammer and Sickle, and the Number of the Beast,” wrote, “the five-pointed star represented Mars because of its connection with the meaning of Marx, a German version of Mark, which means ‘of Mars.’”

Therefore, the statement about “Mars reigns” can be understood to mean that communism, or Marxism, is still rampant in the world today, just as it was prior to 1999, and continues to terrorize. Communism brings nothing but terror, death, and destruction to any nation, despite its promise of “bringing people happiness,” by advocating for a so-called heaven on earth.

This then allows us to review the line stated in Tui Bu Tu—“When will the game of manipulating the universe stop?”

The CCP and their Marxist ideology completely oppose nature and humanity for the purpose of confounding the criteria for good and bad, and overturning the law of the universe.

The infamous Chinese dictator Mao Zedong is quoted as saying, “battling with heaven is endless joy, fighting with the earth is endless joy, and struggling with humanity is endless joy.”

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Notably, Falun Gong’s principles “Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance” are universal principles.

The mere mention of the three words “Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance” on a phone, either verbally or via a text message, or on the internet, will be detected by the CCP’s censors, and can lead to arrest.

So, this is not just a terrifying persecution of innocent people but a vicious persecution of universal principles—principles for all of humanity, regardless of a person’s race, religion, or background.

The CCP, being atheist in nature, is antithetical to China’s traditions, let alone universal values. Hence, the “Great Cultural Revolution” (1966–1976) saw a massive communist campaign to destroy China’s 5,000 years of ancient culture.

Falun Gong’s peaceful teachings are very much in line with traditional thought, and the Chinese people loved it, a fact that caused a paranoid dictator to be overcome with jealousy and fear over Falun Gong’s popularity.

So, to confuse what’s right and wrong, or to turn the “Sun and Earth” upside down, Dictator Jiang led the CCP to launch a massive propaganda campaign, inundating China with slanderous reports and fake news, including the self-immolation hoax on Tiananmen Square, in attempts to stir up public sentiment against Falun Gong.

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Today, Falun Gong is the most persecuted group in China.

Nostradamus’s prophecy of a “king of terror” that will descend in July of 1999 and Tui Bei Tu’s indication of a “big mistake,” whereby there is “blood” in “Qin county,” an old reference to China, all appear to point to this present-day tragedy, an issue that certainly warrants everyone’s attention.