2 former circus elephants are reunited after 20 yrs of separation & everyone’s in tears

Oct 30, 2018

Two former circus elephants, having been separated from each other for over two decades, are reunited, and their reaction to each other’s presence is full of emotion and joy.

The elephants were reunited in their new permanent home at an elephant sanctuary located in Tennessee after 22 years apart, and their trainers suspected the elephants would be very happy to see each other—and they were right!

In a moment rife with emotion, the elephants recognize each other and wrap their trunks around one another’s in a loving elephant hug. This moment also elicited tears from their trainers and practically everyone else witnessing the event.

In the past, wildlife experts were reluctant to attribute any behavior by an animal to be emotionally driven. It is now well accepted that animals do in fact have emotions and this acceptance is due in large part to behaviors exhibited by elephants. They can exhibit love, remorse, and joy.

The sanctuary these two old friends shared housed ten elephants with room for ten more. The sanctuary started with a 110-acre parcel of land and grew to 2,300 acres over time.

The two were reunited in the year 2000, and unfortunately, Jenny passed away 10 years after being reunited with her friend but lived her final decade of life with loved ones.

The sanctuary exists in part due to the support of the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency.

Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot | EVOLVE Campaigns


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