21 gadgets that will take your bathroom experience to the next level

Nov 18, 2018

We spend a lot of time in the bathroom. From getting ready for work and cleaning ourselves, to putting on makeup and getting dressed, there’s a wide range of activities that take place in the bathroom. So, with so much time spent inside this little room, why not make it a little more enjoyable?

Here are 21 items that will make the time you spend in the bathroom a little more enjoyable.

1. Shave minutes off your morning routine with this Waterpik showerhead attachment. Now you can floss and wash at the same time with ShowerPik!

2. Know when your shower is heated up with an LED showerhead that changes color according to the water temperature. Never step into a shower that is too cold or too hot ever again.

3. Clear non-slip spray keeps your feet firmly planted to the floor of your tub or shower.

4. Tired of struggling to squeeze the last little bit of toothpaste from the tube? Give an easy squeezer dispenser a shot!

5. Enjoy relaxing in the tub but wish you could get the water level just a little bit past the overflow drain? An overflow drain protector is a perfect solution.

6. Get accurate body weight and body fat percentage with a smart scale. It syncs up to your favorite fitness tracking apps for easy weight management.


7. Get the local forecast or enjoy your favorite tunes while scrubbing down in the shower with a waterproof Bluetooth speaker and FM radio. It has a built-in clock display so you won’t lose track of time!

8. Save valuable countertop space with a wall-mounted toothbrush holder. It includes two magnetically attached cups and a “Press to paste” toothpaste dispenser.

9. Ensure your makeup is perfect with a lighted, adjustable makeup mirror that includes 2x, 3x, and 10x magnification panes.

10. Take your relaxing soak in the tub to the next level with a 2-panel spa pillow designed to support your neck and shoulders as you kick back and let loose.

11. After picking up your spa pillow, add this ultra-convenient SipCaddy to your shopping list. Enjoying a glass of wine and a bubble bath has never been easier.

12. Take your Netflix binge into the shower with the Streamliner clear shower curtain liner. Its pockets allow full control of your touchscreen devices and the pockets fit both tablets and smartphones at two different levels, allowing for shower or bathtub usage.

13. Say goodbye to clogged drains with the TubShroom tub drain protector.

14. The XVL toilet tissue paper holder’s smartphone shelf is too convenient for any toilet texter.

15. Stinky hands? Stainless steel soap zaps those odors in no time. Just rub between your hands for 30 seconds under cold water and let the negatively charged stainless steel remove even the stinkiest of smells.

16. Keep your golf skills sharp with the Potty Putter.

17. A motion-sensing toilet bowl light is the perfect solution for men with less-than-perfect aim during midnight potty runs.

18. Keep your hand sanitation sanitary with an automatic soap dispenser.

19. Keep your cheeks squeaky clean with the Luxe Neo 120 non-electric bidet. Installation is a breeze, the nozzle is self-cleaning, and it is only $34.50!

20. Turn your bathroom into a high-end spa experience with the Heatwave Industries Towel Warmer.

21. Fight stinky bathroom odors with Kohler’s PureFresh toilet seat. The carbon fiber filter combined with their scent-packs will keep your bathroom smelling fresh and clean.



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