6-year-old hailed a hero for helping injured elderly neighbor

Nov 6, 2018

A little boy was looking out of the window when he noticed his neighbor acting strangely. Judging from her actions, he knew immediately that she needed help and called his dad over.

Dorian Beshara, from Salem, New Hampshire, has always loved greeting his 84-year-old neighbor, Dorothy Beal. The then-6-year-old boy didn’t expect he would become a little hero and save Beal one day in May 2014.

Posted by Dorian Beshara on Friday, August 18, 2017

Beal was near her birdbath and was bending over when she heard a crack in her back. Fortunately for her, Dorian happened to look out of the window.

“I was looking to see if Dot Beal was in the front yard so I could say hi. I knew she broke something, so I called my dad and uncle and told them to go over,” he told WCVB.

It was surprising that Dorian would instantly notice that Beal needed help.

“For him to recognize the difference between a wave and somebody needing help is incredible,” his grandmother, Shelly Beshara, told The Eagle-Tribune.

Beal was later taken away by an ambulance, and an X-ray confirmed that Beal’s back was indeed broken. While she was recovering at the hospital, the little boy wanted to visit her.

“He just feels like he needs to check on her,” Shelly said.

The incident made the bond between Beal and Dorian grow even stronger, and Beal was full of praise for Dorian, who saved her life.

“He’s my little hero. He saved my life,” said Beal. “We are buddies. He watches out for me. He knocks on the door and comes to visit, and then he goes on his way.”

Posted by Dorian Beshara on Saturday, February 11, 2017

The fire department later learned of Dorian’s action and wanted to reward him. They went to his house to give him a ride in a firetruck.

“He was smiling ear to ear,” said firefighter Brian Allard. “We’re happy to come over and give him some recognition.”

Dorian was also presented with a certificate to recognize his heroic action.

“He kind of set an example for kids his age,” Allard said.

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