7 Halloween decorations that will have trick-or-treaters squealing

Oct 11, 2018

Halloween is just around the corner, and for many, it’s time to start planning what costume to wear, where to go trick-or-treating, and whether to throw a party or attend one.

Without a doubt, All Hallows’ Eve has always been a popular celebration, especially for young kids who can’t wait to go knocking door to door asking for candy. Homes that are open to giving out treats will usually be decorated with jack-o’-lanterns, “ghoulies and ghosties and long-leggedy beasties, and things that go bump in the night.”

If you’re looking for Halloween decor items that will “wow” and “thrill” visitors, check these out:


Phantasms Digital Decoration

Send trick-or-treaters or your party guests into a fright with “specters, ghouls, and poltergeists” that come out on Halloween. It’s easy to do thanks to AtmosFX’s Phantasms, a followup to the company’s popular release of Ghostly Apparitions.

All you need to do is connect your DVD player or computer to a television, monitor, or projector to enjoy the amazing digital decoration effects.

If you’re throwing a party, project phantasms against a wall to create a super-creepy atmosphere. But if you want to scare or dazzle Halloween treaters, projecting against a window seems to be the most popular choice. Don’t forget to place speakers outside or visitors won’t hear the haunting sounds.

You’ll be the talk of the neighborhood with this awesome decoration.


Grand Illusion Table – Clear

Is this table floating in midair? You’re not hallucinating, but you are seeing a beautifully crafted and deceptive side table. The Grand Illusion Table by Essey is a definite conversation piece and will have your Halloween guests doing double takes.

The Grand model measures 16 inches by 20 inches and is handmade out of 3-millimeter (approx. 0.11-inch) acrylic, so each table is unique.

The illusion table is also available in ice white, and this style is perfectly made to look like a cloth thrown over an invisible roundtable.


Human Skull Logs by Myard

October is the perfect time of year to get a fire going as the temperature in the evenings are more chilly. What better way to impress your guests at a Halloween party and get into a macabre mood than with a fire pit full of human skulls.

Myard’s skull logs are made out of refractory cement, which is able to withstand up to 3,000 degrees Fahrenheit (approx. 1649 Celsius). These durable logs can be reused over and over again if given proper care.

The company has a few models to choose from, and the skulls are available in white, black, and brown. Certain models come with a separate jaw piece that is meant to prop the upper head up and that is designed to look as if the mouth is ajar.


Cocoon Corpse

Little kids may not dare approach your door if this 6-foot-long cocoon corpse is hanging in the front porch. The sheer size makes this lifelike when viewed close up or from afar. It’s a great prop on its own, or to give it a more frightful appearance, add some webbing and spiders.

This 72-inch corpse may look heavy, but it’s not. It is hollow inside and made out of a wire frame, which makes it easy for carrying and hanging.

Due to its light weight, strong winds can easily blow it away, so make sure it is anchored tightly. Leaves and other debris may stick on the cocoon material too. If that happens, try following the advice of one user who snipped the tips of the strands and then combed the ends back.


Bloody Footprints and Bloodstains

How do you make your room come alive, or dead? Well, these adhesive decals will do the bloody trick. These gory stickers are easy to use and help add the extra touch you need to decorate your walls and floors for a Halloween party.

A set comes with 48 bloody footprints and 15 bloodstains you can stick on to any clean and smooth surface, and later easily remove.

You’ll love the gruesome look these stickers give, but be forewarned that they are not reusable.


Zombie Hands Window/Door Cover


Nothing screams Halloween like images of zombies and blood. Combine the two to create creepy elements, which is what this zombie hands window/door cover achieves.

The cover invokes a scene straight out of a zombie apocalypse movie, and when placed on a door or window with light shining from behind, it appears realistic.

The cover measures 72 inches by 30 inches (approx. 182 centimeters by 76 centimeters), and it may not fit on all door and window sizes. For bigger windows or doors, consider adding other decorations to fill in the extra space.

If you’re looking to cover more than one window and want a different design for variety, the “Help Us” bloody handprint cover is available and measures 80 inches by 35 inches (approx. 203 centimeters by 90 centimeters).


Animal Skeletons

Bones, bones, and more bones are the specialty of Crazy Bonez. The company’s skeleton collection is expansive, and you will certainly find enough animal skeletons to decorate the interior and exterior of your home.

A great amount of detail goes into each figure, which is why the products are popular go-to Halloween decorations. All have one or more moveable appendage points, so you can change the pose.

Choose from a sundry of animals like the raven, vulture, rat, puppy, bruiser dog, owl, cat, parrot, frog, lizard, spider, and 22-inch-wide bat.

Have a happy Halloween!

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