Abandoned dog tied to a tree with a thick cable keeps barking frantically until help arrives

Aug 22, 2018

Tethered to a tree in the woods, this dog was left to fend for herself. For three days, she waited for her owner, who never returned. Luckily, a team of rescuers showed up to save this precious life.

After being abandoned by her owner, Genesis the German shepherd kept barking frantically all alone in the woods, hoping that some kind soul would listen to her and come to her rescue.

Three days later, Alex Kelly, an animal control officer with New Jersey’s Irvington Township, showed up after a resident reported the dog’s berserk cries. Kelly arrived on the scene only to find Genesis sitting on a pile of trash, tied up to a tree with a cable. Near the poor dog was a plastic doghouse and a few empty bowls.

As Kelly got closer, he saw that the thick cable was tightly wrapped around Genesis’s leg.

“Had it been another day or so, the circulation in her leg would have been cut off, and she probably would have ended up losing the limb,” Kelly told The Dodo.

No one was willing to reveal whose dog it was. Kelly gained Genesis’s trust and successfully captured her.

He removed the cable on her leg and hooked a leash to her collar before taking her for a medical examination. Clearly, Genesis had a hard life even before she was abandoned.

“It’s obvious that Genesis has been bred in the past and likely made her owner a great deal of money with her adorable puppies, yet this is how she was repaid,” Associated Humane Popcorn Park Shelter wrote in their Facebook post.

In spite of her sad past, Genesis loves people. Though shy, her affectionate nature shines through within minutes of meeting new people.

Fortunately, the story of Genesis has a happy ending… A few weeks after her rescue, Genesis found a forever loving home.

Watch the video below: