Girl proposes to boyfriend at Disneyland but is met with laughter and a surprise

Nov 11, 2018

Disneyland has been billed as the “happiest place on Earth” for generations now.

For this Disney-loving couple, the hope that they’d be able to add their happiest memories to the “happiest place” was so strong that they both planned the exact same surprise—and it’s impossible to get over how absolutely adorable the entire situation is.

When 24-year-old Kasey Donovan and 20-year-old Jesse Tober arrived at the California theme park, it was Tober who worked up the nerve first to pop the question.

Tentatively, she asked Donovan to marry her, pulling out a ring and reversing the typical role in the heartwarming proposal. In a bizarre reaction, Donovan didn’t tear up and immediately say yes—instead, he started laughing.

What she didn’t realize, though, was that the laughter was because he couldn’t believe what was happening. While she was pulling out the ring for him, he had an engagement ring for her in his pocket as well—they’d both planned to propose in the same place!

“When Kasey, my fiancé, started laughing when I pulled out the ring, I thought I made a huge mistake! I thought he kept asking, ‘Are you serious?’ because he definitely wasn’t ready to get married,” Tober said. “I had no idea he was about to pull out a ring for me at the same time.”

The couple admitted that not everyone has been as supportive as they’d like. After sharing the story on social media, Tober explained that they’d gotten criticisms for the “cheesy” location of their engagement, accusing them of staging it, and shaming her for proposing instead of waiting on Donovan.

For the most part, though, people just can’t get enough of the entire story—and really, who can blame them?

Obviously, both proposals were met with a yes. And although everyone’s proposal story is near and dear to their heart, this one probably takes the cake as the most adorable one you’ll ever see.


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