Born with a full head of hair, this Japanese baby now has 306,000 followers

Oct 4, 2018

A Japanese baby girl who was born with a full head of luscious black hair has become an online sensation, having amassed 306,000 Instagram followers. That number was 40,000 in early August this year.

Baby Chanco was born in December 2017. The almost-1-year-old already has a huge fan base since her mother started sharing her unique photos online, which show her sporting all manner of hairstyles and donning various hair accessories, including colorful bows and ribbons. She’s a star in the making.

The little cutie arrived in the world, straight out of the womb, sporting her luscious black locks.

Whilst newborns born with a peach fuzz are not uncommon, a full head of hair at Chanco’s length is much rarer.

Whether or not Chanco’s birth hair will gradually fall out after she begins a new cycle of hair growth remains to be seen. At least at this stage, those flowing tresses are adorably photogenic.

Interestingly, according to the original official dynastic history record called ”Jiu Tang Shu,” the mother of Li Shimin (Emperor Tang Taizong), was born with shoulder-length hair that only kept growing, and didn’t fall out. By 3 years old, her hair was as long as her body.

Per traditional Chinese belief, it’s auspicious for a baby to be born with a full head of hair. At least for Li Shimin’s mother, who was originally born in a noble family, her son went on to become one of the most illustrious emperors in Chinese history.

In light of that regal example, Chanco’s mother should be pretty pleased.

Watch Chanco get her hair brushed below:


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