Boy confused why parents take him to airport on Xmas until he’s handed a letter from Santa

Dec 19, 2018

As a child, memories of Christmas morning are often accompanied by images of tearing through gift-wrapping paper. However, this 9-year-old Missouri boy’s unique Christmas surprise came wrapped in a cloth blanket instead of brightly colored wrapping paper!

Christmas is a magical time of the year. It is reserved for family, presents, eggnog, 24-hour marathons of A Christmas Story, grandma’s hand-knit sweaters, cookies, and, most importantly, Santa Claus.

As a child, Christmas morning has an extra unique allure. Wondering whether you’ve been naughty or nice as you rush towards the gifts under the Christmas tree—shedding an occasional tear of joy as Santa bestows his blessings upon those who made the “nice” list.

Cooper, a 9-year-old boy from Missouri, was a very good boy in 2017. His parents embarked on a three-hour journey to the Springfield, Missouri, airport.

After finally arriving at the airport, Cooper’s parents handed him a letter addressed from the North Pole. It was a letter from Santa!

An ecstatic Cooper opens the letter and reads it out loud for his mother behind the camera:

Dear Cooper,

It seems you have been excellent this year. This was a big request. I don’t often get them, but this was well deserved. Unfortunately, I couldn’t bring your dog on my sleigh because it would be too dangerous. So, I agreed to have him delivered on an airplane. The Springfield airport was the nearest airport, but I couldn’t find him an available flight this time of year. Sorry I had to drive so far, enjoy your new dog.


Cooper was barely able to finish reading the last sentence when he was utterly overcome with emotion. In the video, we see his excitement overflow as the door opens to reveal his father holding something under a blanket.

Cooper’s hands cover his mouth in disbelief, and tears stream down his cheeks as his father lifts the blanket to reveal a brand-new boxer puppy. His face turns bright red from enthusiasm—the joy is palpable!

Cooper’s father hands the puppy over to his elated son. Santa just made this Missouri boy’s Christmas one he won’t forget for years to come.

“Is it a boy,” Cooper asks his father. “Yes,” he exclaims right before the boxer pup jumps up to his shoulder to give him some licks on the cheek.

Cooper is a fortunate boy to have such loving parents—they were willing to put this adorable puppy on a plane and fly the little guy all the way out to Missouri just to see their son’s smile. A very Merry Christmas to you, Cooper!

Watch Cooper’s emotional reaction to his Christmas surprise below:

Video Credit: Youtube  | Laversa Siebuhr

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