Cancer-stricken dog and pups tied up in a sack were left to die, until a kind couple shows up

Nov 3, 2018

It’s disheartening to see helpless animals being abused and abandoned, but then there are also countless selfless rescue efforts that restore our faith in human kindness.

Nothing could prepare Josiane Almeida, an animal rescuer, and her husband for the shocking scene they encountered on the deserted dust road of Lagoa da Prata, Brazil. Almeida was alerted to a dog tied up to the neck in a coarse sack with her three squirming puppies inside. She shared the rescue video on her Facebook page; it has been viewed over 5 million times as of now.

Nossa bebê a que foi amarradas num saco, acaba de chegar da primeira sessão de quimioterapia! Ela está com tumor…

Posted by Josiane Almeida on Thursday, March 1, 2018

When Almeida and her husband arrived at the scene, they were heartbroken to see one puppy whining helplessly and wandering around the sack, which was “thrown in the middle of nowhere.”

“Some of the worst scenes of mistreatment I’ve ever witnessed,” Almeida wrote. “They’ve been there for quite some time.”

At first, the distressed mama dog barked at them out of fear. But then Almeida’s husband gently stroked the unfortunate canine to let her know that they were there to help her.

He carefully carried the sack to their car before cutting it open, while Almeida picked up the little pup. Once freed, the little canine family was taken to the local vet, where all the dogs were examined.

The puppies were weak, stressed, and undernourished, while the mother dog had a cancerous malignant growth and urgently needed treatment.

Almeida shared the entire rescue effort and the need for donations on social media. Thanks to the generosity of her friends and followers, they finally had enough money to cover the cost for the first round of chemotherapy.

Agência:1382 operação:013 conta:22467-0 caixa econômica federal. Nome: Edson Tadeu da Silva CPF:060981336-62 Pesssoal…

Posted by Josiane Almeida on Tuesday, February 27, 2018

The viral rescue video was posted on Facebook in February, and has garnered almost 140,000 shares and over 11,000 comments. There was a massive outcry from commentators.

The kindhearted couple gave the momma dog and her puppies a home where they are being cared for and cherished until the canine family is strong enough to be adopted into loving homes.

Antes essa família foram sufocadas dentro de um saco jogados para morrerem, mas como Deus é bom, conseguimos tirá-los do…

Posted by Josiane Almeida on Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Almeida counts herself blessed for having been given the chance to help these animals.

She wrote: “Before, this family was smothered in a sack tossed out to die, but as God is good, we managed to get them out of suffering! They live well with me today! Thank you, God, for giving me this opportunity.”

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