Cleveland football team undefeated this year after finding opossum in stands

Oct 8, 2018

Superstition creeps into football just like it creeps into anything in life where chance is involved—winning and losing are ultimately in fate’s hands.

That’s what made Sunday’s Cleveland Browns game against the Ravens so fortuitous when the now-famous “rally possum” was spotted for a second time, at FirstEnergy Stadium in Ohio, just before the game. Right off the bat, speculation began stirring in the media.

And fortuitously, the Browns bagged their astonishing second win in a row, beating the Ravens 12-9 with a low field goal in overtime.

Of course, this wouldn’t seem so strange except for what happened leading up to their win.

The opossum made its first appearance at the stadium last month. It was discovered wandering in the stands by a fan during a game against the Jets.

Needless to say, the Browns prevailed that day, too, marking their celebratory first win in 635 days—the curse was broken! Browns fans were over the moon, and soundbites like, “I’ve waited my whole life to have a winning Browns team,” and “We’re going to the Super Bowl baby!” could be heard across the airwaves.

True, newly drafted quarterback Baker Mayfield may have had something to do with it (obviously). But as with anything where strange coincidences and changes of fate align, it’s hard for fans to not make a connection.

And without a doubt, social media had something to do with it, too. It was video footage, shared via Twitter, that first caught sight of the now-famous possum last month, when a fan is seen snatching the furry friend by the tail with his bare hands and turning it over to be boxed and properly rehabilitated.

The second sighting first broke headlines from the same social media when it was auspiciously sighted near some barricades before disappearing like a shadow.

What’s most fascinating, though, is how social media has become a way to enshrine the objects of such superstitions; just take a look how many new Twitter pages have popped up dedicated to the Browns rally possum and see how real it is!


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