Family finds grandfather’s trunk filled with old items, a few over 100 years old

Sep 19, 2018

A young man makes an extraordinary find in his grandfather’s garage—a trunk that once belonged to his great-great-grandfather filled with possessions; a few date back to more than 100 years ago.

The discovery of long-lost valuable objects can elicit much excitement and joy in a person. It can occur while one is treasure hunting or perhaps even stumbling upon your ancestor’s belongings accidentally. Such was the case for Imgur user cluckinho.

In April 2015, cluckinho posted a photo of an old trunk his family found in his grandfather’s garage. His grandfather passed away the year before without ever mentioning the trunk or the contents inside.

©Imgur | cluckinho

When cluckinho and his family opened it up, they were “amazed” by what they found. Various types of objects were stored inside. Perhaps what surprised them most was who the trunk previously belonged to.

“The chest was full of amazing historical items that were left in there for many, many years,” cluckinho wrote. “Digging through the items, we soon realized the trunk once belonged to my Great Great Grandfather [sic], JC.”

©Imgur | cluckinho

Inside the old wooden trunk were letters, books, glasses, and other trinkets to give one a glimpse of what man’s life was like back then. Without a doubt, cluckinho found a few items that would make excellent additions to a 20th-century-history buff’s collection.

Here are a few notable items he posted online:

A 1905 edition of “Farmers Pocket Companion” by John Deere Plow Co.

“It had my Great Great Grandfather’s [sic] handwriting all throughout it. Most were farm-related calculations,” cluckinho wrote.

©Imgur | cluckinho

A tube and booklet for the infamous Liquozone.

©Imgur | cluckinho

Three pairs of glasses.

“The blue pair at the bottom are the most interesting. People have told me they were shooting glasses, maybe sunglass or maybe even glasses use to read invisible ink,” shared cluckinho.

©Imgur | cluckinho

Cluckinho discovered his great-great-grandfather was a mason.

©Imgur | cluckinho

JC was also a member of the Scottish Rite.

“This 10k gold ring is given to Scottish Rite members,” wrote cluckinho. “On the inside of the ring, there is a latin phrase that reads: virtus junxit mors non separabit. This translates to ‘Whom virtue unites, death will not separate.’”

©Imgur | cluckinho

Although the exact value of all the contents in the trunk is unknown, the find is surely priceless for the family.

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