Filipino cop spending his meal time with a lonely disabled lady wins everyone’s hearts

Jan 3, 2019

There are kind people everywhere; sometimes they are hard to find as they just do kind deeds without any fuss. Their hearts are what guide them, and if they see someone perhaps having a bad day, or feeling no one cares about them, that kindhearted person can suddenly just appear as if out of thin air.

In this instance that occurred in April, a police officer in the Philippines was enjoying some down time, having a snack and some refreshments.

Posted by on Thursday, April 26, 2018

What’s so unusual about this, you might ask? Nothing really, except that a pedestrian took a snapshot of the officer; he was sitting with a disabled woman and had bought her a burger and a drink. He was happily chatting to her, even though she seemed unable to respond.

The policeman just taking the time to be with another human who needed interaction was enough to touch the hearts of others on social media.

Posted by on Thursday, April 26, 2018

Police officers often have a thankless job, and the violence they deal with in the line of duty can sometimes cost them dearly.

We need to appreciate the kindness they often show others; it is their true hearts shining through.


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