The Great Pyramids’ true purpose has now been revealed

Nov 9, 2018

Mainstream science explains civilization as a process of evolution, where humans evolved from apes and eventually developed technology that has led up to where we are today. With the artifacts of the ancient past as evidence, though, humans are free to continue making discoveries about ancient human life, and with today’s means of communication, views that challenge mainstream science are becoming more widespread.

The mysterious and highly advanced Great Pyramids of Giza are examples of such ancient artifacts, whose secrets grow only more mysterious as our exploration of them continues. A shadow is cast over the mainstream theory that they were used as tombs for pharaohs of ancient Egypt. New ideas show evidence that the Pyramids were in fact far more technologically advanced than we are today, and that they were used for something else—entirely different from what we once thought.

The Great Pyramid and the sphinx in Giza, Egypt. (©Wikimedia | Daniel Mayer)

It is said that ancient civilizations were not primitive as science says they were. Evidence of electrical power is present dating back thousands of years. Moreover, the Great Pyramids are said to be a gigantic power plant, and a source of free, wireless electricity. It would seem there is evidence to support this theory.

Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics depict what appear to be wireless, electric torches and other electrical devices such as light bulbs. The intricate gold plating present in ancient artifacts of Egypt, too, would have required electricity to create. It is also said that ancient Egyptians used electricity to power yarn and weaving plants.

A famous ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic that depicts what looks like a giant light bulb. (©Wikimedia | Rowan)

The Pyramids themselves are constructed to make use of electrical properties similar to famous inventor Nicola Tesla’s own Wardenclyffe Tower, which conducts ions from an underground aquifer upward and into the ionosphere to generate an electric current with an electromagnetic field to provide a free, wireless source of electricity. The only reason we do not have this technology today is, in fact, that Tesla was defunded by banker JP Morgan.

The Pyramids’ own layers of different limestone casing and stone blocks (which resist electricity), and granite-lined shafts (which are able to conduct electricity) are used in a way similar to an electric cable (which has both insulating and conductive materials). The conductive shafts, as well as the Pyramids’ shape itself, both serve to conduct an electromagnetic field from a large aquifer, the same as Tesla’s Tower, that was found to have existed under the structure at one time.

Today, the Pyramids are no longer intact as they once were. The smooth, white limestone casing that once covered the outer sides of the Pyramids is gone. It is believed that the peak of the Pyramid once had a gold cap, which, not surprisingly, is also gone. Gold being an excellent conductor, this cap would have conducted ions from below upward into the ionosphere to create an electric current, just like Tesla’s tower once did. In theory, this would have created an electromagnetic field and free, wireless electricity.

Even to this day, the Great Pyramid is said to have an electric field equivalent to that of a lightning storm, which can be verified by standing at the top and holding a light bulb, which will cause sparks.

Cross section of Cheops Pyramid showing granite-lined shafts leading from deep under the structure into the interior of the Pyramid. (©Wikimedia)

To this day, we owe nearly all our technology to Tesla’s discoveries, which include the alternating current, radio, the electric motor, and even lasers. Yet, as some argue, our ancient ancestors seem to have possessed this knowledge thousands, perhaps tens of thousands, of years ago.

Although mainstream science has yet to accept these new ideas, perhaps we should not limit our thinking to what others have discovered or be dominated by their ideas, as we so often are. Instead, we ought to open our minds to the profound possibilities that are out there.


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