Potato chip trucker gets stuck & walks for days, but refuses to eat cargo

Nov 6, 2018

If you were lost in the snowy wilderness and the only thing beside you was a truckload full of chips that isn’t yours, would you … help yourself? A man in Oregon opted to go hungry rather than take what’s not his, and walked miles and miles to get home instead.

In April, when Jacob Cartwright, a 22-year-old truck driver with Little Trees Transportation, set off to deliver a truckload of potato chips, he entered the wrong address on his GPS system and lost his way.

When Cartwright realized that he was on the wrong road and put in the correct address on the GPS system, it led him to a U.S. Forest Service road that was paved but eventually became impassable, according to his boss, Roy Henry.

Cartwright was stuck on the snowy and muddy road, and with no cellphone signal, the only thing he could do was walk back on the road that he came from.

“He said he didn’t stop, he walked 12–13 hours a day all three days,” Henry told CNN. “He told me the last night, he wedged himself under a log and the ground to stay warm and stay out of the elements.”

Temperatures dipped to around the 40s (around 4 degrees in Celsius) at night.

Cartwright finally reached Interstate 84 after walking 14 miles and flagged down a driver to give him a ride back to his home in La Grande. His wife later took him to the hospital for evaluation.

“I was just eating snow at the end of the day, just trying to stay hydrated,” Cartwright told ABC 10. “I didn’t have food, and the only animals I saw were mice, that was it. I had no way of starting a fire, everything was so soaking wet nothing would spark.”

Sgt. Kaipo Raiser of the Oregon State Police told KTVZ that Cartwright “was disoriented and confused” upon being discovered in the morning.

When Cartwright was asked why he didn’t eat the potato chips, he said, “that’s stealing.”

“That stuff’s worth something, that’s the load—I’m not gonna touch it,” Henry told Cartwright, per CNN. “That’s the way he was raised, that stuff’s not yours, you don’t touch it.”
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