Dad excited about son’s graduation ‘floored’ to see an envelope tucked under his wallet

Nov 19, 2018

One Florida dad was so excited about his son’s graduation day that he ended up sharing the joyous news with a stranger. And how this unknown lady reacted was a pleasant surprise.

“I hugged a complete stranger today,” Rob Edwards, of Tampa, wrote on his Facebook page. “My son who I love with all my heart was shown love. … I am blessed.”

Recounting his short trip to a local bank that day, Edwards wrote that he and a lady happened to walk through the building’s door at the same time. Edwards held the door open and joyfully asked the woman to go inside first.

The jolly dad was in such a blissful mood that he naturally shared the good news with the stranger.

“By all means go in front of me,” Edwards said. “Today my son graduates. I’m slowing down and want to savor every minute.”

I DO NOT KNOW THIS WOMAN!But My heart was touched by her. Today I was walking into the bank. I held the door for…

Posted by Rob Edwards on Saturday, May 26, 2018

Edwards and the woman started chatting about the “joys, fun, and hard times” of raising up an 18-year-old. As he was finishing up making his transaction, he noticed the unknown lady placing something underneath his wallet.

“Looking down at my wallet on the tellers [sic] booth, an envelope was placed on it from underneath my left arm,” Edwards said.

The woman walked past Edwards and said, “Congratulations, I’m so happy for you.”

Edwards didn’t see this coming and was stunned. He could only utter “thank you” to the woman while he waited for the teller to finish with his transactions.

After he was done, while walking out of the bank, he opened up the envelope and found “a brand new crisp $50 bill” inside.

“I was floored,” Edwards wrote. “I rushed out of the door and looked for the woman.”

Illustration – Shutterstock | Putida Supakarn

Fortunately, he saw the lady about to drive off in her car. He rushed over and said he can’t take the money. But the lady’s genuine response warmed his heart.

“When you talk about your boy, YOU GLOW. Your [sic] a blessing to him, I want to bless him too!” he recalled what the woman said.

“I was so touched,” Edwards wrote. “I don’t know her name, I’ve ever [sic] seen her before. But I will never forget her love.”

The beautiful act of kindness garnered many reactions from social media users.

“We need more of this in the world today,” Edwards wrote. “Not the money. But kindness.”

“Cole Edwards I’m so proud of you! To my bank customer friend. THANK YOU!” he concluded.


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