Justin Bieber serenades fiancée Hailey Baldwin outside Buckingham Palace

Sep 18, 2018

The romancing couple, singer Justin Bieber and model fiancée Hailey Baldwin, are in London.

She’s there for a modeling gig, he’s the support, and they’re both getting noticed around town.

This time, with a sense of romance and savvy, Bieber made it a public affair by serenading his lovely wife-to-be on a fountain with a simple acoustic guitar—busker style—right outside Buckingham Palace, humble abode of the Queen of England.

Certainly impressed by her man’s impromptu performance, Baldwin stands by and films the episode on her phone, while locals take in Bieber’s lovely rendition of “Cold Water.”

An artist at heart like any other, our singer owns the part—with a simple hoodie, a guitar scribbled with sharpie doodles, as casual as can be.

The couple have been around London town in the last couple of days, having already caught eyes in Hyde Park and the London Eye. But they have kept a fairly low profile lately. Last week, TMZ reported that they had gotten hitched; Hailey tweeted and denied it, then deleted the tweet, before her uncle (Alec Baldwin no less) said it was true. Huh.

The very last word we have is that they weren’t wearing wedding bands when they were spotted kissing in Hyde Park earlier this week. So, wait and see, wherever they pop up next time!

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