Marine couldn’t fly dogs to his next base, so a super-rich stranger offers up her jet

Jan 3, 2019

A marine was preparing his move to a new military base when he learned that his two dogs might have to be left behind as they were deemed too big to fly on the plane. Fortunately, an heiress learned of their situation and sent a private jet over to help them.

Andrew Morales, a Staff Sergeant in the U.S. Marine Corps, rescued two dogs from Afghanistan in 2011 when he was on deployment and brought them to California.

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Everything was going well until two years later, in 2013, when he was informed that he would be transferring from his base in Southern California to Camp Lejeune.

Morales was preparing for the move when he learned that his dogs named Dusty and Wyatt were too large to travel on commercial flights.

A good Samaritan with deep pockets chartered a private jet to fly a Marine's dogs across the country to the soldier's…

Posted by WTTE FOX 28 on Tuesday, October 22, 2013

“We couldn’t really get them on the aircraft because this airport doesn’t take large airplanes,” Morales told WWAY.

Morales called the rescue league that had helped bring his dogs to California for help, and they shared his situation on Facebook.

Since helping a Marine move his family, including his rescued dogs, across country, I have received many wonderful…

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Helen Rosburg, the heiress of Wrigley Gum, saw the appeal and leapt into action—sending a private jet over to charter Morales, his family, and their two dogs to the new base.

“He was going to lose his dogs and I said ‘Not on my watch,’” Rosburg told ABC News.

“He’s a hero on so many different levels. The Wrigleys are an extremely patriotic family and I am a true Wrigley child.”

Needless to say, Morales and his family were grateful to Rosburg for her help.

“From the bottom of me and my wife’s hearts we really appreciate what she did for us,” Morales said, adding that they hope to meet Rosburg one day to thank her personally.

“We’ve just got to find a way to get together,” said Rosburg, who welcomes the idea of meeting up.

What a lovely act of kindness from Rosburg to help the Morales in the nick of time so that their beloved pets won’t be left behind!

Watch the video below:

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