Mechanic hands over his truck keys to a stranger he just met 10 minutes ago

Nov 6, 2018

Have you ever had the experience of mechanical failure in your car when you are miles from anywhere? The sinking feeling you have when a strange noise keeps getting louder and louder?

This is the situation Todd Steinkamp faced in February 2017 as he was making his way to a funeral. After leaving his overnight stop very early in the morning, the strange noise coming from underneath his car had progressed to the point that Steinkamp knew he had to stop, even though he still had 70 miles to go.

Posted by Todd Steinkamp on Wednesday, February 22, 2017

He came to a tiny town called Wild Rose, in Wisconsin, and was lucky enough to find 74-year-old Glen Geib in the Lauritzen Sports auto repair shop. Steinkamp told Geib his dilemma, who, after checking the car, found a wheel bearing was about to fail and Steinkamp had best not drive any further, as there was no way the car would make it anywhere.

In a Facebook post, Steinkamp shared: “I must have looked pretty stressed out at this time, because Glenn then reached into his pocket, pulled out the keys to HIS own vehicle and said ‘Take my truck. Fill it up with gas, don’t turn on the emergency lights and get going.’”

Geib added that it was good for 120 miles per hour if needed.

Posted by Todd Steinkamp on Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Steinkamp made it to the funeral on time and got back to Geib’s seven hours later.

Steinkamp shared, “The 74-year-old mechanic with a grip of steel turned a terrible day into a good one with a great lesson. Just be kind and help if you can,” Steinkamp added.


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