Mortals beware! 5 snacks made from the hottest peppers will have your tongue burning

Oct 22, 2018

Do you love hot and spicy food? For many people, if the food is too spicy then the flavors are lost and one is left with only the burning sensation on the tongue. For some people, they can’t get enough spiciness and want more.

Lovers of intense heat, you’re in luck. We’ve rounded up a list of spicy snacks to keep your tongue tingling.

Carolina Reaper Spicy Beef Jerky

The Carolina Reaper holds the world record for being the hottest chili pepper. As this snack packs 2,200,000 Scoville heat units (SHU), not many mortals can consume this chili pepper raw and in large quantities.

Any food added with this red and gnarled pepper will definitely have a kick, which is what this Carolina Reaper Beef Jerky gives. This jerky is gluten free and has no preservatives added.

On a heat scale from 1 to 10, Katie’s decided to make this is a 7, which means you’ll be able to taste the jerky and feel the prickle on your tongue.

Da Bomb Ghost Pepper Nuts

For many years, the Ghost Pepper held the number one spot as the hottest chili pepper in the  world. Even though it may have lost its rank, it’s still in the top 10—and for good reason.

Try snacking on Da Bomb’s Nuts covered in Ghost Pepper seasoning to get your spicy nutty fix.

Word of advice: Snack with caution.

Hot Popcorn

Chili and popcorn—a delicious combo for those who love the puffy and crunchy snack. Depending on how much spiciness you can handle, there are two varieties to choose from: Ghost Pepper popcorn and Habenero popcorn.

When the corn is popping in the microwave, a strong smell may be emitted. The fumes are pungent enough to drive some people away.

Paqui Haunted Ghost Pepper – Tortilla Chips

Paqui specializes in making quality tortilla chips that come in a variety of flavors. One flavor in particular is a hot lovers snacking delight—Haunted Ghost Pepper. Depending on your level of heat tolerance, you’ll either be able to snack by the handful or one at a time.

And last, but not least, is… The Toe of Satan – Lollipop

This lollipop is no ordinary candy. It has the potential to make you feel like your tongue is burning—hence the name. The Toe of Satan is made of pure chili extract equivalent to 9 million SHU, almost four times more heat than a Carolina Reaper pepper.

It is so potent that the manufacturer has issued a warning too: “This product is extremely spicy and has potential to cause skin and/or mouth irritation. The Toe of Satan is intended for use by adults only and should be kept out of reach of children and pets. This product contains high amounts of pure chili extract and is to be handled with extreme caution.”

Consume at your own risk!

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