Psychology riddle: Which tap will water flow fastest? Answer to learn about your intelligence

Oct 23, 2018

Are you a genius? Maybe you are, but you don’t know it yet. Or perhaps you’re smarter than the average Joe. No offense, Joe. But this simple test may apparently uncover something about your intelligence. Oh, and don’t forget to take this with a wee pinch of salt!

The intelligence quotient (IQ) is a number representing a person’s intelligence measured using several problem-solving tests. Have you ever wondered what your IQ is? Or whether you’re the brightest person amongst your friends and family?

Well, forget about the Stanford-Binet IQ test or the Cattell IQ test, here’s an odd test that’s got a few scratching their heads. Though the following test won’t reveal what exactly your IQ is, it may tell you something about your way of thinking. On the other hand, it may just leave you none the wiser!

Take a close look at the image below. In your opinion, from which tap do you think the water flows the fastest? After you’ve come to your decision, read the analysis below.


If you picked tap #1,

Your IQ may be above average, even though you may not be the smartest person in the world. You have the ability to develop your intellect beyond society’s limitations. You are capable of finding original and unconventional solutions, but you’re afraid to share them with others due to embarrassment. Try sharing with others! If you do, you may see your idea flourish.

If you picked tap #2,

You may not be the brightest person, but your abilities to utilize the intelligence of others, coupled with your excellent grasp of the environment around you, may help you to bypass obstacles and get things done. You tend to come up with straightforward and simpler solutions, rather than tackling the problem from another perspective.

If you picked tap #3,

You are an original thinker with a most creative brain. Though you have the capability to think outside the box, your unique ideas are often overlooked by others. If you can get your ideas across to these people, they will understand you better, hence helping you achieve your goal. Sometimes, you tend to think too much and forget that the best solution is actually the simplest one.

If you picked tap #4,

You’re almost a genius! Instead of wasting your potential on trivialities, you should work on valuable projects that can put your intelligence to good use. You just have to turn to the right people and resources, and you can accomplish something brilliant.

So, which tap did you pick? Naturally, Facebook users provided all sorts of answers and theorems to the faucet quiz.

With all these different answers, it seems there may not be an actual solution, or is there? Perhaps this thing is rigged, unless you’re a genius…

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