Singer notices five ‘super cute’ older ladies dining, feels strong urge to pick up their check

Nov 6, 2018

Sometimes fate draws total strangers together, and they can discover something rather special. That’s just what happened to one guy in California when he noticed a group of mature ladies.

Singer-songwriter Andy Grammer was enjoying breakfast on June 21 at Hampton Beach when five “super cute” older ladies got his attention. Andy is a new parent and something about these lovely ladies made him miss his mom, and it pulled at his heartstrings.

He felt inspired to pay for their food, and shared on Facebook: “I felt a strong urge to pick up their check. I don’t know them and didn’t want to bother them but I just did it.”

Posted by Mary Conant on Thursday, June 21, 2018

Initially, Andy did not want them to know who had paid for their meals, but on instinct, he wanted to connect with them.

“You are five of the sweetest ladies I’ve ever seen. I lost my mom a while back and something about seeing you made me miss her this morning so I’m getting your check,” he said.

Was sitting at breakfast in Hampton Beach and across the restaurant were five SUPER CUTE elderly ladies. I don’t know…

Posted by Andy Grammer on Wednesday, June 20, 2018

To Andy’s great surprise, one lady stood up and said, “COME HERE. I lost my son and really needed this.” And they had the best mom-and-son hug ever.

As Andy shared on Facebook, “We are all so connected.”

Mary Conant was inspired to share on Facebook that they were meant to meet that day. “Your Mom sent you to us today,” she wrote.

It really does seem as though intervention from another realm inspired these total strangers to connect in such a meaningful way.

It is sure to be something they will all remember. Perhaps the meeting helped alleviate some of Andy’s sadness after losing his mother.

After all, helping others is in fact, helping oneself.

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