Social experiment: Man threatens to hit wife at store until a 6ft-6in man steps in

Sep 23, 2018

The fairly dramatic and even intense social experiments set up by the hidden camera show What Would You Do? (WWYD?) give a glimpse at how people would react upon encountering controversial situations.

In one episode of WWYD, host John Quiñones watches the hidden cameras set up at the Tri County bazaar in New York and analyzes people’s reactions upon seeing a husband verbally abuse his wife, and even threaten to hit her. What shoppers don’t know is that this husband and wife are actually actors, David and Lorraine.

Illustration – Getty Images | Ashish_Choudhary

David terrifies his “wife,” and shouts out in public, “Worst excuse for a wife! Hurry up!” And he keeps berating her in front of everyone. The atmosphere is tense, and passersby look on in disbelief. A couple of women stop in their tracks and approach Lorraine to ask if they can help her call 911.

As one of the ladies is on the phone to the police, she tells Lorraine, “You don’t have to take this.”

That’s when Quiñones and the camera crew make their appearance, and the women realize it’s all set up.

When Quiñones asks the women why they decided to step in, one of them says: “I’ve had a friend who was beaten by her husband before and I’m very sensitive to these types of issues. So, I try to help others.”

In another scene, one man overhears David attempt to humiliate his wife in front of shoppers, and he knows he has to step in. The 6-foot-6 (approx. 2-meter) tall man literally steps right in between David and Lorraine, using his body as a shield.

“She’s not ready to go with you,” he tells David, who’s trying to get Lorraine to go with him.

The kindhearted stranger refuses to back down, and most of the store is watching the commotion. That’s when Quiñones decides it’s time to introduce himself.

The man says that he stepped in to help “because I felt she was in harm’s way, and I felt that she needed some assistance.” He further adds, “I felt someone was at risk of really being hurt.”

When Quiñones asks him if he was concerned for his safety, he chucked and said, “absolutely not.”

The show keeps rolling, and we see more reactions, with the last one being the most intense. We haven’t leaked it above, but according to WWYD?’s Facebook page, it’s “one of the most powerful reactions we have had all season.”

To see the episode in full, watch the video below:

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