SpaceX announces first-ever private Moon traveler

Nov 14, 2018

SpaceX announced on Friday that they have signed up the first-ever private passenger to travel to the Moon.

It will mark the first time a man has been launched into space from American soil since the Space Shuttle program ended in 2011.

It will also mark the first time a man has been to the Moon since 1972.

The mission is distinct from last year’s announcement in February, when SpaceX introduced their Big Falcon Rocket launch vehicle and said two people had already put down deposits to be sent around Earth’s largest natural satellite.

When a commenter on Twitter asked if that private passenger was him, Elon Musk simply answered with a Japanese flag emoji, while the passenger’s identity will be announced Monday on the SpaceX website.

SpaceX tweeted that it would be “an important step toward enabling access for everyday people who dream of travelling to space.”

That mission itself, though, isn’t likely to commence this year, since the BFR hasn’t been built yet, and might be a few years off.

Musk has even bigger plans for the BFR. It was designed for the purpose of colonizing Mars, ultimately. The idea is to send two cargo shipments there first with the first-ever manned flight to arrive two years later.

This time round, though, it’s just a flyby—no moon rocks.