Faith in humanity restored: State trooper’s good deed to help fill up gas for a man goes viral

Aug 14, 2018

Hearing stories of good deeds often warms our hearts and restores our faith in humanity, and this story of a kindhearted trooper from Texas is one of those.

On July 20, Ken Harris, of Lubbock, was driving home from a long day at work when he was pulled over by DPS trooper Officer Welsh for an expired registration.

Illustration – Getty Images | Mongkol Chuewong

In a Facebook post, Harris detailed his encounter with Welsh: “He greeted me respectfully, and I gave him my license and the information he asked for (politely).  He showed me the exact same respect that I gave him.”

Despite having an expired registration, Welsh didn’t give him a ticket. Instead, he told Harris to have a “safe trip home.”

With home being another three-hour drive away, Harris told Welsh: “I was praying that I made it home because I had just spent the last of my money in gas, and I wasn’t sure if I’d actually make it.”

Illustration – Getty Images | MCCAIG

Once Welsh learned of Harris’s difficulties, Welsh took it upon himself to do a good deed.

“He told me to follow him back into town, so he could fill up my tank so that I could make it home,” Harris recalled.

“He offered to get me some gas and I accepted because I wanted to get home,” Harris told KCBD. “That was a total shocker to me.”

But Welsh’s act of kindness didn’t end here.

“After filling up my gas tank, he offered to buy me something to eat and drink,” Harris wrote.

Already grateful, Harris declined Welsh’s offer and thanked him. Before parting ways, the pair took a photo together, which Harris uploaded to Facebook.

His post soon went viral with over 90,000 shares and nearly 250,000 likes, and many messages of thanks.

“I’m getting messages from law enforcement, from relatives of law enforcement, and just normal regular people who are just saying thank you for sharing and how much hope it gives them,” Harris said.

Harris added that he is still amazed by Welsh’s act of kindness.

“I was thinking this is truly a blessing and this guy is really amazing because you don’t hear about officers doing that,” Harris said. “I’m sure he’s not the only one who’s done it, but it’s a blessing.”