‘Unloved’ lady felt like a queen after 3 waitresses notice her dining alone on Mother’s Day

Oct 25, 2018

Mother’s Day is a day to shower our great mothers with lots of love; thus, it is understandable that one South Carolina mother felt lonely when her son didn’t contact her that day. On the positive side, however, three sympathetic waitresses noticed her unhappiness and decided to surprise her.

It was a lonely Mother’s Day for Barbara Foy, of Horry County, as she had no one to celebrate the occasion with. Her only son, who lives in Charlotte, North Carolina, had not been in touch with her for months, and her two grandchildren are also living out of town.

©Wikimedia | Ildar Sagdejev

Feeling down, she decided to have lunch at Ruby Tuesday, and it was there that things took a turn for the better.

Restaurant staff soon realized Foy was indeed a mother—and she was eating by herself on Mother’s Day.

Thus, they took it upon themselves to make her day by preparing a Mother’s Day gift basket filled with items from a nearby store. Her lunch was on the house thanks to the fantastic crew on shift that day.

“We were not OK with a mother feeling unloved on Mother’s Day,” Ruby Tuesday server Mariah Brown explained to TODAY Food. “Growing up, I was told to treat others the way you wanna be treated. Me personally, if that was anybody’s mom I would have done the same thing.”

“I really felt like I was queen for a day … mother for a day!” Foy told WMBF. “I’ve never been made to feel so special.”

She added that she was so uplifted by her experience.

“I had all this on me and these girls didn’t know anything about me, just that I was sitting by myself. For their kindness—what they did for me to take so much off of me, to lift me up,” Foy said. “I just can’t believe what they did. People don’t do that.”

“This is a life-changing experience for me,” she added. “Those girls are so special, the managers, all of them—couldn’t have shown me so much kindness. They told me I was part of their family.”

Fortunately for Foy, her Mother’s Day ended on a good note. She got in touch with her son and told him about her day, which blew him away.

“He does love me,” Foy said. “I bet he won’t forget Mother’s Day again or forget to call his poor little mama.”

As for the three waitresses who excelled at what they did that day, Ruby Tuesday gave them $1,000 each as a token of appreciation.

Now that’s a great story all round!


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