Video taken from eye of hurricane shows eerie calm and blue skies

Oct 12, 2018

What started out looking like not much, Hurricane Michael has turned into the strongest storm to hit landfall in the United States since Hurricane Andrew in 1992. The Gulf Coast city of Mexico Beach became ground zero where the Category 4 hurricane struck land on Tuesday.

While apocalyptic scenes of entire neighborhoods laid to waste appeared throughout the Florida panhandle, though, videos of eerie quiet taken from the eye of the storm have popped up on social media.

A video from storm chaser Stefan Melendez—aired live via Facebook on Wednesday—shows a view from inside the steep-walled eye of Hurricane Michael. Panning across a tree-toppled, water-soaked landscape and then looking up, we see sunny, blue skies from the center of the storm.

Breathtaking views from the eye of hurricane Michael

Posted by Stefan Melendez on Wednesday, October 10, 2018

“You can see the sun,” Stefan narrates. “Blue sky, right in the eye.”

More video footage appeared from Panama City showing an eerie calm after surging winds and rain:

On Tuesday, scientists predicted that warm ocean waters and an absence of opposing winds, which might mitigate the storm, would increase the storm’s power. These predictions proved true.

Tragically, six have been confirmed killed by Michael, while there are 350,000 who are without power. After hammering Florida and lashing Georgia, the storm now threatens the already-battered Carolinas and southeast Virginia.


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